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Use the SFR SplitPass™ to maintain your personal and financial privacy.
Our exclusive SplitPass™ feature assures that you remain in control. Keep your personal information and financial data private until certain predetermined conditions are met. Learn how the SFR SplitPass works for you!
Plan now to reduce stress and save money for your family later.
Make sure your family knows exactly how you would like to have things done.

Why should you have an Advance Medical Directive?
Do you need an attorney to prepare it for you? Are doctors obligated to follow your Directive?

About Advance Directives in the US and CA.

SFR is not computer backup or basic data storage.
External Hard Drive
USB Thumb / Flash Drive
Cloud Storage
Don't confuse SFR with the data storage options above, SFR is NOT designed for backing up data from your computer, or for storing / sharing your favorite music, videos, and photos.

SFR is different. It is specifically designed to help you be better prepared. How? By helping you organize and secure your personal information and copies of important documents so you can access them easily and quickly from wherever you happen to be.

* Everything is online!
* There is no software or application to download!
* There is no hard drive or flash drive to keep up with, or to protect from loss / theft.
* Your information is organized so it's always quick and easy to find what you need.
* SFR includes the format for a comprehensive and detailed household inventory.
* You have quick and easy access to your data 24/7 from any internet device.
* The SplitPass affords a level of control and privacy available only with SFR.
* Your information is secured using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and is stored on dedicated servers (not cloud storage) located inside world class SAS 70 Type II certified data centers in the US.

Learn more about Secure Family Records and our satisfaction guarantee.

No matter what your age . . .
no matter where you are . . .
it's much better to be prepared!

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